New staff members are introduced

The Hugoton USD 210 Board of Education met Monday night for a budget hearing at 6:25 p.m. followed by the regular monthly meeting.

Questions and/or discussion concerning the proposed 2016-2017 USD 210 School District Budget started the hearing. Mr. Howie explained some of the changes made to the budget. Mr. Howie talked about the possibility of getting $546,000 from the Extraordinary Needs Fund. The Extraordinary Needs Fund was set aside by the Legislature for districts to apply for if they had an extraordinary increase in enrollment or a major decrease in property value affecting how much revenue the district brings in. The Legislature approved $13 million for the extraordinary needs fund. However, that amount is dependent on how much the state gets from the sale of the Kansas Bioscience Authority. If the state gets $38 million, then the extraordinary needs fund will receive the full $13 million. Any amount less than that, however, will be deducted from the fund, down to zero if the authority sells for $25 million or less. Nothing will be decided until the sale of the Kansas Bioscience Authority.

Intermediate School Principal Elise Heger, Middle School Principal Lance Custer and High School Principal Melody Witt introduced their new staff members to the board and then the board members introduced themselves to the new staff.

Hugoton FFA teacher Les McNally and chapter officers Anna Trotter, Roman Linstrom, Megan Newlon, Emma McClure, Elias Mendoza and Bernabe Mendoza talked about the FFA program. The students reported about the FFA teams placing, hosting lunch for teachers and staff from USD 210, Stevens county fair activities, national chapter applications and that the chapter placed fourteenth in the state. the Hugoton FFA chapter is also ranked from 151 to 400 in a group of 7,000 in the state. The group also discussed state degrees earned, state leadership and their attendance at the national convention. Paula Rowden informed the board the High Plains Education Corporative met Thursday evening and completed negotiations. HPEC serves 17 school districts, with Ulysses as the largest and Hugoton second largest.

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Katy Heger has traveled pretty extensively for such a young girl. She’s gone to the Kansas State 4A basketball tournament three times in as many years with the HHS Lady Eagles, and Amateur Athletic Union Ohlde Elite basketball has taken her all over the United States: from Kansas City to Iowa, to Dallas, Tx. and even Nashville, Tn. this past summer. But now, the sport has taken her further than she dreamed. Katy, along with her mother Stephanie and grandmother Barb, returned from their trip to Italy with “America’s Team” Tuesday, August 2.

Katy is no stranger to turning heads due to her prodigious skills on the court, but when she received an offer to compete against Italian teams, she jumped at it. Salina
Central High School Coach Geoff Andrews contacted eight girls from Kansas, Kentucky and Vermont to form a team. Kansan Geoff and Kentucky coach Dwayne Murray landed with America’s Team in Milan, Italy the morning of July 26.

Katy and the other seven basketball players went to Italy thanks to an incredible program called “America’s Team”. The organization seeks to “change lives through sports”, sending athletes to foreign countries to further their understanding of themselves, the world and other people.

America’s Team has partnered with the American Council for International Studies to bring the experience of international travel, cuisine and culture to countless athletes all over the nation. Other locations where basketball players can travel include the Dominican Republic, Spain, Germany and England.

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USD 210 plans several upcoming events

School starts next week, and students who will be attending Hugoton Middle School and Hugoton High School are invited to an Open House Tuesday, August 16.
HMS students and their parents will meet in the auditorium with HMS principal Lance Custer at 6:30 p.m. Afterward, attendees will have a chance to visit HMS classrooms and teachers until 7:30 p.m. High school students and their parents will meet in the HHS cafeteria at 7:30 p.m. with new principal Melody Witt. HHS students and parents can then visit teachers and classrooms until 8:30 p.m. Read More →

City Council approves 2017 budget

The Hugoton City Council met for their regular meeting Monday, August 8 in the basement of the City Office. Attending were councilmen Frankie Thomas, Shannon Crawford and Jason Teeter. Also present were Mayor Jack Rowden, City Inspector Joshua Grubbs, Outside Utilities Supervisor Paul Nordyke, City Clerk Tom Hicks, City Attorney Wayne Tate and Chief of Police Courtney Leslie. Councilmen Dan Corpening and Dean Banker were absent.
The minutes of last month’s meeting were approved after a small correction. The municipal judge’s report for July 2015 was also approved. The council then heard from Joshua Grubbs. He reported the weed violations have decreased.
The council heard from two representatives with Black Hills Energy. They said Bernard Smith’s retirement went smoothly, and the transition to the employee has been almost unnoticeable. Ronnie reported Black Hills is now contracting out all their one calls with a company called USIC. He assured the council a qualified employee would be available at any time in the case of a gas leak. Black Hills now has three employees in Hugoton, and one is always on call. Read More →


Patrick Wiesner 17
Monique Singh 6
DJ Smith 133
Jerry Moran 749
Roger Marshall 533
Tim Huelskamp 383
A. Zacheriah Worf 28
Larry R Powell 335
John Doll 568

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Primary Election slated for Tuesday, August 2

As most voters are no doubt aware, the primary election for several public offices will be Tuesday, August 2.

Residents of Hugoton will vote at the Memorial Hall, 200 E. Sixth in Hugoton. Moscow residents will vote at the Methodist Church, 304 Main in Moscow. Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Voters must present a valid photo ID before they’ll be given a ballot. No campaigning within 250 feet of a polling place is allowed.

Please get out and vote Tuesday, August 2!

The following offices and candidates will be included on the ballot: Read More →

Public shows support for Fitness Center

The Stevens County Board of County Commissioners met in a special session 8:30 a.m. Thursday, July 14, 2016 with all Commissioners, Pat Hall, Joe D. Thompson and Dave Bozone present. Also present were County Clerk Pam Bensel, RoGlenda Coulter from The Hugoton Hermes and a very large number of concerned people.
The special session was called for a budget workshop. Teresa, the Stevens County Accountant, was present and had a screen set up to show the Commissioners details of the county’s budget.
Upon seeing how many people were showing up and still coming, the meeting was moved upstairs to the courtroom, where the room filled to capacity also. The very large crowd was mostly there due to concerns about losing the Fitness Center. Read More →

The Stevens County Commissioners met July 5, 2016 for their regularly scheduled meeting at the Stevens County courthouse. Present at the meeting were Commissioner Pat Hall, Commissioner David Bozone and Commissioner Joe D. Thompson. Also attending were Stevens County Clerk Pam Bensel and Hermes Reporter Ruthie Winget. Tron Stegman, Carol Lee Burrows and Gary Baker were on hand to observe the meeting. Stevens County Counselor Paul F. Kitzke was absent.
Chairman Hall informed the commissioners Gary Baughman still wants to lease acreage east of the landfill. After some discussion, the matter was tabled at this time.
Hall reported the cost of the heating and cooling system at the Stevens County Hospital can be refinanced for ten years. This would cut the payment nearly in half. The interest would go up from 2.75% to 3.15%. The balance could be paid off early. Read More →

Park Day winners listed

Citizens State Bank sponsored the Sack Race for the 2016 Hugoton Park Day. Participants ranged in age from four and under all the way to adults!

Winners for the “four and under” category were first place Blake Salmons, second place Carter Trujillo and third place Madison Niehues. Five- and six-year-old winners were Morgan Niehues and Ashley Coats tying for first, and Reaghann Maravilla in second.

In the seven- to nine-year-old age group were Daniella Alfaro with first, Olivia Salmans with second and Jonas Mauk and Daniel Alfaro, Jr. tying for third place. Ten- to twelve-year-old winners were Adam Mendoza in first place, Alexander Russel in second place, and Zane Poulsen finishing third. Winners for the 13-year-old to adult category were Tina Salmans and Westin Maravilla tying for first place, Conner Wells in second and Ryland Bennett with third.

As is the case every year, Hugoton Rotary’s Duck Race was a grand finale for Park Day, with lucky Greg Soelter claiming the big $1000 first prize – as well as the fourth place prize! Bart Anderson and Brahma Group’s duck crossed the finish line next for second place, followed closely by Sunbelt Feeders’ duck in third. “Hard Luck” winners plucked from the “Canal Street pond” were Pam Hamlin, Rick Hamlin, Stacy Burrows, Rex Coulter and Darren Figgins with Garnand Funeral Home. Hugoton Rotarians work to eradicate polio, provide scholarships and many other community projects. This year, the big duck race wouldn’t have been such a success without the help of the City of Hugoton workers and the Stevens County Fire Department.

Winners of the Mr. Hugoton and Miss Hugoton were as follows: 0-6 Month Girls – first place: Alyvia Holcomb, second place: Amelia Roybal, third place: Rosalie Ward; 0-6 Month Boys – first place: Jesse Alexander Landa, second place: Konner Pike, third place: Cole Butler; 7-12 Month Girls – first place: Londyn Jade Campbell, second place: Arelynn Viurquez, third place:  Kendall; 7-12 Month Boys – first place: Leo, second place: Alec Persinger, third place: Kraysen Hill; 13-18 Month Girls – first place: Ellie, second place: Viviana Olivas, third place: Allyson Evans; 13-18 Month Boys first place: Karsyn Hale, second place: Kieran Piland, third place: Miquel Vargas; 19-24 Month Girls – first place: Jocelyn Smith, second place: Ryder Schmutz; 19-24 Month Boys – first place: Joel Baeza, second place: Isaih Perez, third place: Fysher Reinerio; 2-3 Years Girls – first place: Zoe Vargas, second place: Myah; 2-3 Years Boys – first place: Sean Landa, second place: Hayden Trujillo, third place: Rowdie Robinett.

LEPC members work with Emergency Plans

The Stevens County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) met at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at the Hugoton EMS training center for their regular meeting/working lunch.

The meeting had a good turnout with LEPC committee members, Harry Bartel, RoGlenda Coulter, Bailey Esarey, Richard Everett, Josh Grubbs, Cathy Hernandez, Debbie Hickson, Brent Inkelaar, Rodney Kelling, Courtney Leslie, Joy Lewis, Tony Martin, John Moser, Judy Parsons, Terry Pierson, Paula Rowden, Susan Schulte and Phil Thompson in attendance. Also present were, Trista Nordyke, Adrian Howie and Jack Rowden.

President Paula Rowden called the meeting to order. Following the meal provided by the EMS, Paula said she thought everyone already knew each other, but asked that everyone introduce themselves. Minutes from the December 2015 meeting, emailed earlier from Susan Schulte to each member, were gone over and the agenda was presented with requests for any changes. Motions were made and passed to accept both.

Everyone was thanked for attending and Paula gave a brief history of the LEPC being formed. She said she observed a real need for community safety after 9/11. She explained how the further we get from 9/11, the more we remove ourselves from those feelings of threat. She then added that we are in a season where weather is a great concern and wonders if we have processes to manage “a Greensburg”. She continued saying that it’s organizing our community to manage circumstances beyond what one single entity could handle. Therefore, partner relationships are important amongst all entities in our community. Read More →