The Stevens County Board of County Commissioners met in regular session Monday, October 2, 2017 with all members, Pat Hall, Joe D. Thompson and Tron Stegman present. Also present were County Clerk Amy Jo Tharp, County Counselor Paul Kitzke and RoGlenda Coulter from The Hugoton Hermes.

The agenda included Bills – 8:30; Phillip Willis – Bids – 9:00; Tony Martin – 9:30; Elaine Rowden – 10:00; Kara Stump – land east of hotel – 10:30; County entities – 11:00; and lunch – 12:00. The following is just the unofficial highlights for the morning.

When this reporter arrived, the Commissioners were going over bills. They were talking to Phillip Willis representing the landfill. Bids were to be opened for concrete crushing. Cesar Pena brought in the bid for his company – S&S Rock Crushing out of Sublette and another bid from Lee Construction out of Garden City was received via fax. Lee Construction turned in the lowest bid. After much discussion, motion was made and passed to accept the lowest bid. There were reservations – because Cesar explained if he turned out the same product S&S turned out he could do it cheaper, but he does not do that kind of product. Commissioners appreciate the attendance of a company representative to explain such details.

Commissioners moved into a short executive session.

Motion was made and passed to pay the bills and accept the minutes from the last meeting.

Tony Martin reported for Road and Bridge. He told of roads being patched and roads yet to be. He asked about the pest spraying done at the courthouse, fairgrounds and county shop. The county shop and the fairgrounds have not been sprayed regularly due to the shop being closed Fridays. Tony was just wondering how the pay is figured for this service. He was told it is the same no matter if they spray all buildings or just a few. It was decided if the pest company is being paid – all buildings need to be sprayed inside and out. An itemized bill should be requested.

Stevens County Treasurer Vanessa Willis brought in detailed information for the Commissioners to go over. She went over the information offering explanations. It showed the county’s tax income and distribution to each county entity. The only income to come in now will be from motor vehicle and the new sales tax. December taxes go to the following January.

Vanessa showed the amount in delinquent, protested and abated taxes. Most all the county entities have stayed within their budgets but were short of being paid their whole budgets because tax revenues are not coming in as they should.

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